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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Applying The ‘Six-Phase’ Pattern to Worship Set Design

One of my primary goals for the WorshipCoach blog is to focus on the practical application of worship arts. I don’t want to just concentrate on esoteric concepts that cause your brain to rocket into the stratosphere but leave your hands and feet in the same place.
So, with that in mind, let’s apply some songs to each of the phases in the six-phase pattern.
In order to have the maximum number of readers grasp this application we’re going to take a trip back . . . way back . . . to songs from many years ago. The same concepts we’ll be using from these older songs apply today. Just refer to your current set list and see where these songs would fit in each of the six phases.
Refer to the chart below. Note that I used my preferred set design from my last post that I use in my more conservative circles but the same concepts apply if you use the original Wimber model:

One of the most helpful things I have done in the past is to simply walk through all my songs, place them in one of these six phases and maintain this database. This way, when it comes to putting together a worship set you can begin by choosing songs based upon their place in the set; factor in the key, the congregation, the ability of the musicians, the theme and you can very quickly put together an effective worship song set that fits within this pattern. A spreadsheet such as Excel or Numbers is a simple tool to help you with this.
Of course, many of the songs you choose will fit in multiple places so feel free to categorize them accordingly.
OK – now this is in your hands. If you are interested in using the Six-Phase Pattern, why don’t you take a few minutes to walk through the songs and categorize them right now? Fortunately, there are some great software programs and apps to help you with this.
So, now that you have some potential patterns, and have actually assigned songs to certain phases or steps, how do you choose songs that will work in your congregation? Are there some standards you can apply to assess each of the 10,000 new worship songs that seem to come out every week? Yes, there are and that’s where we’re going next. I’d love to have you join us on the journey . . .

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  1. I really like your six pattern for worshiping. It is the best idea and you really deserve for praise for this post and your effort to well written about this Jesus worship.
    Praise the Lord.