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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The ‘Funnel’ Approach To Worship Song Set Design

In my last post I unwrapped the specifics of The Four Step Approach to Worship Set Design. Now, I’d like to give you another approach to worship set design called the Funnel Approach. (credit due to Sally Morgenthaler)
Just like a wide and then enclosing embrace, you are moving your people from broader, all encompassing, less threatening songs to songs of greater intimacy.   
The Funnel approach is also called the PMTCA formula.  This stands for Praise, Mercy, Transformation, Consecration and Adoration
Here is the song set design in specifics:
·    Lead with songs of Praise – These are often high energy, all encompassing, with a broader view of God and expressing the least vulnerability in music genre and lyric content.
·    Move to songs of Mercy – These songs focus on God’s mercy and grace to us.  You are now beginning to personalize the music, the prayers and commentary between songs.
·    Transition to songs of Transformation – These are songs that challenge us to change and transformation (by the power of God’s Spirit).  These songs are usually lower in energy and slower in tempo. The stylistic genre and lyrics are often increasing in vulnerability. They are more specifically about God and the challenge of the Gospel.
·    Change to songs of Consecration – These are songs of personal dedication. These can be placed in an unbroken line within the context of a longer music set or can be used as a call to response after the sermon is given. 
·    End with Adoration - These are songs focusing on God and His greatness. While you may spend time in quiet, more meditative songs, most worship song set designers will end on higher energy songs of celebration.  

Do you ever wonder if developing songs sets in this way is simply emotional manipulation? Should we avoid “manipulation” in worship? Watch for an upcoming post on manipulation by abdication. I think you may find it to be a fresh take on this subject.
Stay tuned . . . more on song set choices coming your way.


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